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SEO Philippines

SEO Hacker is known for SEO services in the Philippines. We have been doing SEO as a full-service agency for clients who want their websites to rank here and abroad. It's quite common for someone to search for SEO Philippines and see the list of first page results and proceed to contact the SEO companies listed there for a quote or a presentation. We are aware of this and it is one reason why it is a keyword that we put a ton of effort to rank for.

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Why SEO Hacker is the SEO company of choice for SEO in the Philippines

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The best reason why we are one of the top SEO agencies in the Philippines that is always picked to pitch or present is our reputation of using white hat, all-ethical SEO that lasts for years. We make sure that our partners who choose us for their SEO are able to generate revenue from the rankings we achieve for their website.

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Our SEO process is fully transparent to our partners. We report to them 100% of the things we do—from the on-page optimizations to where we get each and every link that we build for them. This way, they know we aren’t messing up their website or using any black or gray hat tactics.

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SEO Hacker is the most sought-after SEO agency in the Philippines because we understand what it takes to rank our partners in the search engines—and how to keep them there. SEO is a long game and it does take time to rank on the first page of Google. Our clients usually see fluctuations in their keyword rankings by the third month and we often secure first page rankings by the 8th to the 12th month.

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SEO takes a long time especially because companies here in the Philippines may have numerous different suppliers for their web hosting, web design, site security, and other web properties. All these digital assets have to work together with the SEO agency to have good, steady, and incremental rankings that lasts.

Transforming the Filipino Nation with SEO Hacker

SEO Hacker has a rich history of supporting the most reputable local industries through SEO in the Philippines. Filipino-owned companies have the potential to elevate our country to greatness, and we believe we can work on that one small step at a time—together. As an organization that constantly strives for success, SEO Hacker continues to empower the nation by taking businesses founded by passionate Filipinos to the next level.

And with the rise of remote work, we have gotten the opportunity to hire talented individuals from areas outside Metro Manila. We don’t just support Filipino local industries—we support Filipinos.

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SEO Hacker is Fully Filipino-Owned

Our staff is 100% Filipino. We hire locally and we provide jobs locally. We find that Filipinos are one of the best when it comes to written and spoken English and this makes for a fantastic team. Our editorial team is also made up of all-star communicators that write SEO copy and content that educate and entertain—which of course, helps rankings.

We blog about SEO in the Philippines

SEO Hacker came to be known as one of the foremost authorities of SEO in the Philippines because of the SEO Hacker blog. We write about SEO strategies, SEO tactics, SEO news, updates and Google algorithm changes—which people all over the world read. We have over 40,000 readers each month and tons of subscribers that receive our email newsletter whenever we publish something new.

We have been working hard in creating new free resources for digital marketers, SEO beginners, and even business owners as well. We believe in giving value to our community.

SEO in the Philippines is also a young industry. When I started practicing as an SEO specialist back in 2009 is really when SEO just started to pick up in this country. But more and more companies in the Philippines are realizing how important SEO is for their websites. If you haven’t yet, you can check our SEO Services page to learn more.

Our blog is also widely read by Filipinos—making them our 5th highest reader count in the world. That tells me there are more Filipinos who are getting into the world of SEO and leveling themselves up as SEO specialists. Perhaps this is because of the wake of the pandemic and FIlipinos had a lot of time to learn SEO and upskill themselves during the government lockdown.

We have been featured as well in numerous SEO websites, news, and podcasts due to our expertise.

SEO in the Philippines is now a booming industry, and I’m glad to find and meet a lot of other Filipinos now who are practicing SEO and providing service around the world.

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Internet Savvy and English Mastery

I’m currently running a Facebook ad and you’ll be surprised to know that there are almost 200,000 Filipinos who are into SEO. It’s a huge amount. The growth of Filipinos that are looking into SEO here in the country is exponential.

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Most of the SEOs in the Philippines are also young. A bulk of ’em ages from 18-24 years old. Which indicates that SEO in the Philippines is a rising trend among the upcoming generation. I think that the Philippines is already one of the main hubs of SEO practitioners and internet marketers in the world.

Why is the Philippines a great place for SEO?

Internet Savvy and English Mastery

According to Statista, internet user penetration rate is at 72.7% in 2021. And English is our second national language. That means a lot of Filipinos know their way around the internet and have a Native/Bilingual grasp of the English language. Those two attributes strongly qualify us to have good reason and interest in web traffic generation. A lot of Filipinos are also outspoken and have their own blogs —which also need traffic.

Creative Filipinos

Filipinos are creative

Filipinos are also a creative people, which is necessary for SEO and other digital marketing strategies. We love stories, which translate into top-notch writing. We love making art, which translates to aesthetic websites that are pleasing to users—and to search engines.

Ownwork Filipinos

Filipinos own their work

SEO is also one of the most in-demand jobs on the internet to date. And it has created a lot of job opportunities for Filipinos who are looking for employment but don’t want to be ‘just another’ employee. With SEO, we get to unleash our creativity, and we get to own projects and see them from start to finish—work that is certainly fulfilling for people who enjoy growth and ownership.

Where is SEO Hacker located?

SEO Hacker is based in BF Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines!

If you didn’t know yet, SEO Hacker is one of the foremost SEO services companies in the country. The services we provide are achieved with 100% white hat techniques and quality link building strategies. Learn more about our team and our company history.

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How long has SEO Hacker been operating in the Philippines?

Over 10 years of SEO in the Philippines

It's been some time since I started out doing SEO. I've done a ton of work - from content writing, link building, technical SEO, branding, analytics, even going out of my way to learn Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), schema markups, YouTube SEO, HTTPS, and site speed improvement strategies.

Over half of the things I learned initially have changed. And that's not just on how we do SEO in the Philippines—but SEO in general. Google has smartened up by a million miles since 2010. It is actually more difficult to try and game the system than to do it right the first time. A lot of Filipinos who practice SEO here in the Philippines have realized this by now. And they have been catching up.

Ever since I started doing SEO here in the Philippines, I've been dead-set on doing only the right thing—white hat SEO. We have never dabbled in gray or black hat SEO for us or our partners. That has proved to be a huge winning strategy for us as most of our partners have been with us since the day we signed our first contract!

Some of the companies based in the Philippines that we are partnered with and have made millions for using SEO:

SEO is a long-term investment. The good thing about companies here in the Philippines is that most are doing business for the long haul. This is why we have so many of our partners still working with us.

Partners, not clients

We consider the companies and people we work with as partners in generating value and revenue for the Philippines as a whole—rather than just being a mere paying client.

That said, we always go the extra mile for all our partners. Those who choose to work with us get more than they pay for—rather than a mere service agency, we are investors in their growth. This takes the relationship between us and our partners to a whole new level. This is what we do for all our partners—and this is what we will do for you.

Partners, not clients.

Download the report we created for you here.

First Page Guarantee

First-page guarantee from the #1 SEO services company

SEO Hacker is primarily an SEO and Digital Marketing services company in the Philippines. We focus mainly on SEO and Social Media Marketing unlike other all-in-one, one-stop-shop digital companies.

The good thing about primarily being an SEO services company is that we are always up to date with the cutting-edge techniques and strategies that work in the SEO industry today. We did not start out as a company servicing web design and development—we started out servicing companies on SEO and digital marketing! We hit the ground running.

SEO is our forte. You don’t need to worry if you are going to rank on the first page of Google because we GUARANTEE it!

SEO Hacker provides only the BEST QUALITY service for SEO and Digital Marketing. The SEO Hacker team has everything you need in order for you to jump start your business website—from design, layout, content and videos, to Online Reputation Management, SEO, marketing, advertising, copywriting and much, much more. You can contact us here.

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Web Development & Design

Our Web Development and Design services are specially catered to clients in need of a new website or a major revamp. Everything from systems that help in SEO to the personalization and protection of your website.

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SEO Consulting

Consult and pick the brain of one of the leading SEO experts in the Philippines. Sean Si, an internationally renowned SEO expert, and his team of specialists at SEO hacker. Through our SEO Consulting Services, we’ll provide valuable insights into the current state of your website in terms of SEO and how you can improve your current strategies and results.

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SEO Services

Perpetual visibility, consistent growth, and amazing results are just some of the things you can expect from our SEO services package. Be visible when your target audience searches for the keywords we’ll optimize your website for. Overtake your online competitors and reach new heights with our white hat, effective SEO services that has enabled US and OUR PARTNERS to reach the top of the Google Search Engine Results Pages.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

We innovate designs and changes in your website to help you achieve your goals. We make sure that your visitors do what you want them to do - contact you and buy a product or inquire about a service. Our CRO service enables your website to make money even when you’re away.

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Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click

Want to rank for high-converting and high-volume keywords in no time? Our SEM/PPC service is perfect for you. We make sure that the money you spend comes numerous times over through hyper-focused targeting of the RIGHT audience with the perfect ad copywriting.

SEO Pricing in the Philippines

There are 5 pricing models that SEO agencies in the Philippines follow

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Hourly services

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Project based

Monthly Icon

Monthly payment

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Contractual services at fixed rates

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Pay for performance

These pricing models have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks, and it mostly depends on what kind of work relationship you want to have with your service provider and what you can afford.

As mentioned earlier, we are NOT just another service provider. SEO Hacker prides itself in being a partner in the growth of the companies and individuals we work with.

Our “partners, not clients” philosophy means that only one pricing model works best for us—monthly payment.

With a monthly payment model, you get the security of consistent work without the need to closely monitor the output you’re getting. It is also built on mutual trust and an understanding that you and the SEO agency you’re partnering up with will be just that—partners in the long term.

And of course, it goes without saying that you get the most out of the partnership with the monthly payment model. Since you won’t be billed by hour, project, or any other metric, there is more space for communication and collaboration between us.

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Why SEO in the Philippines is Awesome!

I explained earlier why the Philippines is a great place for SEO. I’m going to stress it a little bit more here.

The Philippines is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for SEO services. Here are four reasons why:

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Filipinos are natural-born communicators

This is perhaps the most important quality that an SEO professional can have. After all, SEO is all about communication—understanding what users are searching for and then helping them find it.

Filipinos are known for their excellent communication skills, both written and oral. We are also very good at understanding accents and dialects, which is a valuable skill when working with both local and international clients.

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Filipinos are tech-savvy

The Philippines has one of the highest rates of internet and social media usage in the world. This means that Filipinos are very familiar with how search engines work and how people use them.

This tech-savviness is a valuable asset for any SEO professional, as it allows them to better understand the algorithms used by search engines and the needs of users.

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Filipinos are hard workers

When you work with Filipinos, you can be sure that you will get quality work. Filipinos are known for our dedication to our work and our commitment to delivering high quality output we can be proud of.

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Filipinos are empathic

Empathy may not be on your list of what makes good SEO, but believe me when I say it’s integral. SEO involves a lot of listening and tuning in, and of course—understanding what people want and what matters to them. At the end of the day, we optimize for people and not just search engines.

Some would argue that the Philippines isn't a good place for SEO because of a few bad eggs, but I beg to differ. Plenty of Filipino SEO companies are working hard to provide honest-to-goodness, long-term, white hat SEO to their clients. Yes, some may opt to toe the line, that's why it's extremely important for you to do your research when it comes to looking for an SEO agency.

Here's a quick guide for you in choosing the best SEO agency to work with.

There would, of course, be a difference in skill and strategy with the white hat companies, that's why—again—do you research. Are they ranking for their own keywords? Are their processes transparent? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself when looking for an SEO agency in the Philippines to work with.

I would say your search ends here, though. Want to be on the first page of Google? Then you partner with the #1 SEO agency in the Philippines—SEO Hacker.

Fill up this contact form and we'll set a meeting—it takes only 22 seconds.

Journey to SEO

My Journey to SEO

I started doing SEO in the Philippines way back 2010. It’s been more than a decade, and I could say I have learned a whole lot. In fact, my knowledge has branched out to other relevant fields in the industry such as Conversion Rate Optimization, SaaS (which is the nature of my second business, Qeryz), Email Marketing and Push Notifications, Accelerated Mobile Pages, YouTube SEO, Site Speed Optimization, Site Security Optimization, and Online Reputation Management to name a few.

All these things affect SEO. If your site is slow, you rank lower. If your site is not secure and is infected, you rank lower. No HTTPS? You rank lower. No AMP installation? Go down the rankings. It all ties up. SEO is a holistic practice. All of the strategies have to be cohesive for it to work as it should.

SEO in the Philippines can be quite a challenge especially due to the companies and individuals whose business ethics is bringing the industry down. The only way to pull it back up is to do great work and practice what you preach. Do what you promise to do for others. In short: Rank for your own keywords.

This article is ranking for the keyword “SEO Philippines” which is what is intended to rank for because what this article does is to give everyone a higher-level view of how SEO is being done here in the Philippines and what the status of SEO is in our country. It’s also meant to guide and educate people who are looking for legitimate SEO companies in this country to the right direction.

SEO hasn’t been smooth sailing for me. I was always fond of doing it the ‘Google way’ which is the harder, more disciplined way of ranking in the search engine results page. So I keep writing. In fact, if you’re in-tune with all the SEO blogs here in the Philippines, SEO Hacker is the blog that is still producing articles at least once a week. It is a discipline that I’ve sworn to keep.

I’m a content-based SEO specialist. It’s my foundation. I love writing – and it just so happens that Google loves good writing too. So that’s the best way that I rank myself and my clients online – through great writing. All of our blogs have excellent content that is delivered in a consistent, timely basis.

That’s what we are going to do for you should you want us to handle your SEO.

The rise of SEO in the Philippines

There are a bunch of other Filipino SEO resource hubs out there who are way better than me. I don’t know it all. And I guess this is a chance for me to contribute to the Philippine SEO-sphere (if there’s such a thing) so that you get to know them too!


If there is one Filipino SEO specialist here in the Philippines that I would openly admit to the world is better than me (which I’m doing now), it’s this guy named Jason Acidre. Just browsing through his blog gives you a huge sense of expert methodologies and strategies. He’s now started his own company Xight Interactive in just less than two years that he’s been in the SEO industry.

SEO Hacker is all about teaching SEO, Search engine News and tutorials. Kaiserthesage is all about getting your hands dirty and diving in to what SEO really is.


This has been a very exciting and active community in the Philippine SEO industry. It’s mostly a forum where A lot of Filipino SEOs get together for discussing the latest trends, tools, meet-ups, conferences and inuman (drinking) sessions about SEO are going to be. The community is quickly growing and if you are an SEO specialist here in the Philippines, I encourage you to join SEO.Org.Ph because of the value that you can get out of it.

The people in the community are fun and friendly (as most, if not all, Filipinos are).


Leapfroggr CEO, Dennis Seymour, is an acquintance of mine and I got to say that they should be included in lists for SEO agencies on the rise here in the Philippines. Equipped with the technical know-how to help your business increase its online visibility, Leapfroggr is definitely one of the SEO agencies that you should watch out for. What I like about them is their CEO’s continuous drive to help people learn about SEO because like myself, he publishes SEO News, Tips-and-Tricks, and other online marketing resources on his blog.


Dlinkers is an SEO Company based in Iloilo that banks on a satisfaction guaranteed seal for prospective clients. I have opted to include them in my list because the thing that captured my attention when I researched about them is their commitment to white-hat strategies for their clients. This Search Engine Optimization Services Company that offers high quality assistance for local and international clients in pursuit of an excellent online presence.

Outsmart You

It is important that you rank for geo-targeted keyword and if you are an SEO in Cebu, it is only natural that you rank for Cebu keywords. Outsmart You is a good contender as one of the rising SEO companies in the country, since they succeeded in doing this task for their site. As an SEO company, they are banking on links to help their clients increase their discoverability in Google. This deserves recognition because you wouldn’t get to the top without using white-hat strategies, I should know, that’s what I do for my sites.

The Northern Office

The Northern Office is another white-hat SEO services company that is geared for long-term partnerships with brands.They are an all-around digital marketing arm that is equipped with a team that is ready to work with you from code to content. If you are looking for a different marketing experience and looking to outsource your SEO soon, give them a call!

SEO Geniuses

I was amused to find out that there is a company that named themselves geniuses. I have learned of SEO Geniuses when it ranked alongside SEO Hacker as one of the SEO firms in the Philippines. However, I am skeptical of people who flaunt that they are a genius at something because excellence usually resounds in action, not in titles. But if you want to know if they can live up to their name, why not check out the SEO Geniuses?

Venchito Jun is doing a lot of hustle for his site and branding lately – and has caught the attention of local and foreign SEO specialists alike. He’s doing a lot of things right recently. You might want to check him out.

My advise: Keep writing and stick to your winning strategy (content curation, interviews, long posts). You’ve built a brand around it – make it stick before you move on to another innovation.

Carl is an up-and-coming player in the SEO industry but he’s been around doing digital stuff since he was 12 years old. A promising kid who has his own digital marketing company. Who wouldn’t like that? Check out his SEO Philippines page where he has his arguments and services laid out.

Looking Forward!

I’m excited to see the Philippines as a country which can be the hub for quality SEO services. Right now it’s looking that way. To see my country succeeding in one of the most in-demand jobs in the world is truly a wonder, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

God bless you guys!

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization is a facet of digital marketing that deals with the ability to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is one of the most important branches in inbound marketing as a lot of people search as a lifestyle especially with the advent of smartphones and high-speed internet.

Check out our list of clients and check their website rankings. We assure you that our clients - both past and present have benefited from our white hat SEO services for years and years even after our contract has ended.

We can't really tell Google what to do but we can almost certainly say that you will see some fluctuations in your keyword rankings in the search engine results pages by the 3rd to the 6th month. This should solidify in the first page by the 8th month to a year. It takes time and SEO is a long-game but it is a game worth investing in.

We have been able to rank our clients for the most competitive keywords in the toughest industries. Our SEO services and strategy are customized to ensure that you will win with higher rankings in the search engine results pages. Yes we know that we have SEO packages but at the end of the day, we make sure our SEO is bespoke to your industry and target market to generate the best possible returns. Our SEO specialists will ensure that you get the best possible strategy for your SEO requirements.

To see the industries we have worked with, read our free, data-driven State of SEO in the Philippines 2022 report.


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