SEO Expert Philippines: Sean Si of SEO Hacker

SEO Expert Philippines: Sean Si of SEO Hacker

seo expert philippines: sean si

The SEO industry in the Philippines is an industry that has been experiencing rapid growth and development during the past decade, with some of the country’s biggest companies availing SEO services to strengthen their branding and internet presence.

With the abundance of SEO companies in the country, it is best to look for the best SEO expert in the Philippines that will take your brand to the next level, and one expert that truly knows how to grow your brand is none other than SEO Hacker’s Sean Si.

Being the company’s CEO for the past 8 years, Sean Si has helped some of the country’s most recognizable brands expand their online presence, along with providing new and growing brands their platform to grow as well.

Over the years that SEO Hacker has grown, he has developed a diverse SEO skill set that enables his team to have the ability to provide the best quality for their clients, making him an all-around SEO expert in the Philippines. This diverse set of skills include the following:

Conversion Rate Optimization – While traffic improves online presence and visibility for your brand, conversions help make it more meaningful, and ensures that your audience becomes leads that can drive sales into your website. Sean Si, SEO Hacker’s resident SEO expert in the Philippines, ensures that your audience would be able to perform successful inquiries, purchases, and subscriptions within your website, and help turn users into customers.

Social Network Marketing – Social Media is perhaps the largest platform on the internet and is one of the best places to establish and grow your online presence and reach a wider audience. With the help of an SEO expert in the Philippines, you’ll be able to use these networks to a full extent. Your social media content will become a bridge for the audience to be able to reach different websites across the internet.

Online Reputation Management – Our SEO expert in the Philippines and his SEO Hacker team ensure that the websites that they handle would grow and develop their branding. Online reputation management ensures that your brand would be safe from harmful elements that would damage the brand’s name and ensure that positive and helpful feedback would reach your website.

Content Optimization and Marketing – Content is one of the main driving forces of a successful digital marketing strategy and is one skill that Sean has honed for years. Crafting well-written content that is informative, trustworthy, and helpful is one of SEO Hacker’s top priorities and ensures that our websites drive traffic.

Email Marketing – Subscriptions are a big factor in growing your traffic and ensures that users would be able to receive content and updates from your website. The SEO Hacker website is a testament to this success,

Web Design and Development – A reputable and quality brand must have a website that is able to represent these traits through good user experience and expanded accessibility. Sean and his team ensure that they only design with the brand and user in mind, and design well-crafted and user-friendly websites that drive in more traffic.

Quality Link Building – Link building is a strategy that helps make it easier for your audience to be able to discover your brand on different websites and open up opportunities to collaborate with other brands to help each other grow. SEO Hacker’s link building team helps make this happen through their strong and successful strategies that help improve search rankings, traffic, and spread quality content to various websites.

When it comes to growing your brand digitally, Sean Si and SEO Hacker only aim to deliver the best for your brand. These skills have been hones and crafted for the past few years, and with a long list of clients, we have proven that we are able to deliver.

Along with his digital marketing expertise, Sean has experienced success in various fields, which shows his drive to provide the best and help shape people into successful leaders of the future.

SEO Consulting

When it comes to doing SEO, the first step is consulting with an SEO expert in the Philippines to ensure that your concerns would be taken care of. Sean’s experience in the industry allows him to provide effective advice, along with the best strategies that would help businesses improve their online presence.

If you are interested in scheduling an SEO consultation, you can check our schedule for availability.

Motivational Speaker


Sean is also one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, apart from being a reputable SEO expert in the Philippines, having spoken in numerous events around the country for the past few years. These events include the 2017 SEO Summit, SEO 101, Copywriting 101, ASA Congress 2016, TedX, and many more. He has shared his thoughts on leadership, becoming successful, and his expertise on digital marketing to a wide range of audiences, from business executives, students, and aspiring digital marketers.

CEO of 2 Companies

Along with being the CEO of SEO Hacker, Sean is also the CEO of Qeryz, an innovative online survey tool company. He is also the co-founder of Sigil Marketing, a digital marketing and social media marketing company, and Workplays, a co-working space in Paranaque. These companies prove that Sean and his team are willing to venture out to new ventures to experience more growth.

With his credentials, experience, and expertise, Sean Si is truly one of the country’s best digital marketing and SEO expert in the Philippines. He is one person with a skilled team that you can trust in helping your company expand its online presence, and become a more profitable and successful brand.


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