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Seo Hacker's Internal Toolbox

Here at SEO Hacker, we use different tools to meet our goals for our company and our clients. We want you to be able to do the same.
Know the tools to improve our team's efficiency and output, as well as the tools we use for analysis and optimization for our clients.

A Guide to the Best SEO Tools Used by SEO Hacker

The best SEO tools can significantly increase your rankings and help you reach your marketing goals. Search Engine Optimization is difficult if you don’t have the necessary tools. You can find a lot of tools online, but it can be a challenge to find ones that actually deliver.
Here, we’ve compiled the best SEO tools that you can use to get your website to rank first in Google search results.



Qeryz is an as-you-go microsurvey tool that helps you know what you visitors are thinking. It's a Conversion Rate Optimization tool that helps you direct your marketing and product efforts to what your market needs and thinks. Try it here - it's free.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of the most effective and accurate keyword tracking tools around. It provides us with up-to-date rankings for all of the keywords for each website we handle. We also have access to Google Analytics data which helps us evaluate the effectiveness of our current strategies, which we can send in as a report to our clients. Along with all of these features, we also get tools such as backlink trackers and competitor analysis. When it comes to rank tracking tools, this is definitely one that we highly recommend to every SEO professional. Try it out now!



Hubstaff is a time tracking tool we use to make sure that everyone in the team is doing what they're supposed to do. It takes 3 random screenshots in a span of 10 minute just to keep everyone on their toes. I cannot recommend this tool high enough. Try it here.


Rebrandly is a URL Shortener Platform and a comprehensive tool for branding, tracking and sharing short URLs, offering users ability to customize the links they share, using a domain name of their preference. Click here to try it out!



TrafficGuard is a tool we use to protect our paid ads from click bots and black-hat competitors. Its versatility and complex algorithms makes it a perfect partner for those who use paid ads for their marketing. Check it out!



AccuRanker is one of the SEO tools that we're using. Its features include daily rank checking of keywords, website audit, and competitor analysis. What we love about this tool is its accuracy, the user friendly interface, and the comprehensive dashboard where you can have a basic overview of your website's performance, and even allows you to export the reports in PDF, XLS and CSV format. Try it out!



Wordlift is one of the most important plugins we've ever had. It helps search engines understand our pages and it makes our content more engaging. To put it in simple words, Wordlift transforms text into machine-friendly context - which is immensely beneficial for SEO. We highly recommend this plugin. Try it Out!.



Inspectlet is a tool we use to check out what every user does in a client's website. It's way better than heatmapping and click tracking - it really records each of your user's mouse movements and clicks. When I frst saw the tool, I couldn't believe it - it's improved our conversion rate several times over. Try it here.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web

When looking for a hosting provider, it is critical that you choose a company that guarantees good uptime, fast loading speeds, and people who are ready to assist when problems arise. With Liquid Web, you get just that. Liquid Web provides fully managed web hosting that guarantees 100% uptime and they have the best customer service in the industry ready to help 24/7. Try Liquid Web today!

pivotal tracker

Pivotal Tracker

Arguably the best project management tool for developers. Pivotal Tracker has helped us in our improvement of SEO Hacker's looks and feel. If there's a project on development, we immediately put the team and the tasks on our Pivotal Tracker account and hack away. A highly recommended tool for developement teams. Try it out!



Screamingfrog is one of the best (and extremely vital) SEO tools out there. In fact, the Screaming Frog SEO Spider is nominated for a UK Search Award for best SEO software. I'm giving it the SEO Hacker's best SEO crawling software award too! Try it here.



Omniconvert is our go-to tool for all our CRO needs. It's an all-in-one tool that allows users to research and obtain data through online surveys and AB testing, then users can personalize through targeted overlays. It definitely helps with our data-driven marketing, and we highly recommend this tool. Here is the link.

cognitive seo

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO is the tool we use to check backlinks. It has everything you need to know what your link profile looks like. We also use this for any sign of negative SEO as well as for churning out the bad links and disavowing them to Google. Try it here.



GrowthBar is a must-have SEO tool for marketers and bloggers. We use GrowthBar for our day-to-day work such as keyword research, competitor analysis, keyword tracking and content generation using the powerful OpenAI GPT-3 AI technology. GrowthBar provides keyword data and suggestions, domain authority, backlinks, and even content outlines that will help you rank fast. It's light, saves time, and it's easy to use. Start your free trial of GrowthBar. Try it here.



Linkody is a backlink monitoring tool that keeps track every time your website gains or loses links. It allows you to be on top of your link building campaign by sending notifications right to your email. Linkody can also monitor your competitors' links so you can be one step ahead of the competition. Try Linkody for 30 days free

ninja outreach


Want to get access to millions of blogs and companies across Google, Twitter, and Instagram? NinjaOutreach is a prospecting and outreach CRM that is perfect for linkbuilding, content marketing, and even lead generation. Great for bloggers, startups, and marketing agencies - Try it here!



BuzzSumo is a web-based application that’s key function lies in its ability to find content, worthwhile content creators as well as researching the competition. It is a fairly simple tool to use but it is an essential part of any successful content marketer’s repertoire. Try it today.



SumoMe is every blogger's all-in-one tool. It has everything you need to grow a blog, an email list and to check pain points within your site. Best of all? It's free. Try it today.



Pushcrew is the new email newsletter. It makes it super easy for a person to subscribe to your site by asking them to ‘allow’ push notifications in their browser. Easy does it. I was able to garner over 600 subscribers in just two weeks. Highly recommended. Try it Out!



Hotjar is an all-in-one analytics and feedback tool that allows you to easily understand the people who visit your website. This is an all-in-one analytics and feedback tool that uses one script and one account. Try it out for free here.


G-Lock Apps

GlockApps is an all-in-one tool that maximizes your Inbox's deliverability. GlockApps can identify risky content so you can ensure that all of your messages end up in your receiver's inbox. GlockApps also has Gmail Tab Tracking, Delivery Duration Tracking, Spam Score Testing, Inbox Rate Tracking as well as Authentication Testing. It really is an in-all-one email tool. Give it a try today!


Woorank is an extensive tool for your SEO needs. It provided us in-depth reviews for our websites' progress, ranking, and online visibility. Other features are competitive analysis tool, systematic marketing checklist, powerful keyword tool and, deep-site crawl analysis tool. Want to know what we love the most about this tool? It gave us the ability to generate branded-reports for presentations in just one click! Click here and try it.



Supermetrics is the number 1 tool for SEO, PPC, and Social Media monitoring. It allows you to integrate your data from various platforms to tools Google Sheets, Excel, and Google Data Studio. Supermetrics will help you save time, organize your data, and easily create reports. Try Supermetrics for 14-days free.


Email campaigns are one of the key elements to the success and growth of SEO Hacker, and Overloop helps make this process much smoother. With a user-friendly interface, Overloop allows us to be able to send emails more efficiently, allowing us to reach a wider range of clientele in a short amount of time. Try it out

Jet Octopus


JetOctopus is a cloud-based crawler that can crawl up to a rate of 200 pages per second making it the fastest crawler in the market. JetOctopus can check duplicates, 404 errors, low page speeds, orphaned pages, and more. It also has a log file analyzer that lets you check if your crawl budget is being spent wisely. Check it out!

Netpeak Software

Web crawling is one of the fundamental tasks of any good SEO, which is why having tool that will allow you to receive all of the data you need is crucial in planning and executing effective strategies. Neatpeak Spider provides you with a comprehensive set of website data that will allow you to determine page performance, link quality, along with other parameters that would help you identify the best ways to optimize your SEO. With a user friendly interface and a wide variety of features, Netpeak Spider is a tool worth trying out.