SEO Pricing Philippines: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

SEO Pricing Philippines: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

As businesses continue to populate the online landscape, having an SEO-friendly website is becoming a crucial part for their online struggle for supremacy. It is important for business owners and webmasters to know that they cannot dominate the online industry if their websites are not optimized for search engines. This fact only necessitates the need for SEO services providers. However, it is imperative for you, a person that seeks SEO services, to know how to determine the proper pricing for your SEO.

Getting your money’s worth is a big risk you have to take when you are going to hire an SEO specialist or agency in the Philippines. The stakes that your risk entails only increases if you do not have any prior knowledge on how people conduct SEO. The only possibility that you will get your money’s worth is when you hire a competent SEO agency or specialist in the Philippines.

Arguably, the Philippines is one of the best countries you can get your SEO services from because of one simple fact: we have a great handle of the English language – in written and verbal form. Of course, English is best spoken by those who have grown up to deem it as their mother tongue, but here in the Philippines, English is just a second language, and we speak it well – better than other people that claim English as their first language.

You might wonder what speaking in English means in the SEO industry. Well, it is pretty simple, having a good handle of the language directly relates to the quality of the content that we are able to produce is top-notch; if you did not know, content is one of the most important aspects of SEO.

The Philippine SEO scene has been known as a source of bad SEO; which is hard to deny because there are actually SEO services providers here that are unethical, to say the least. However, the Philippines also has quite a few rare gems in which only produce the best SEO services through the use of fair and just means.

Why SEO Hacker?

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Here in SEO Hacker, we provide top quality SEO services to premier companies locally, and abroad. We are proud to say that even if there are numerous SEO specialists and agencies in the country, we are one of the best. Similarly, our techniques and strategies are honest, and are in accordance to the guidelines set by search engines. We never use black hat techniques; we only make use of white hat SEO.

We assure you that all our prices are arguably one of the most affordable in the industry, while still ensuring that every service we provide are done by the best specialists. However, even if we do say that, people that are ignorant of what we do still have doubts regarding the prices that we – or even all SEO agencies and specialists ask for. Hence, here’s how you will know if you are really getting your money’s worth when you hire an SEO agency in the Philippines:

SEO Pricing Model

Each SEO company has their own pricing model – this is not only for the leading countries, but also for the rest of the world – which can affect a potential client’s decision on whether they should hire a company or not. Here in SEO Hacker, we base our models by international standards because we bring only provide our clients with world class service.

If you want to determine your money’s worth in terms of SEO, you should first study the different price models of SEO companies. Also, by making yourself knowledgeable, you will also be able to know which of the price models are the best for you and your business. Typically, there are five pricing models that SEO companies in the Philippines use, they are as follows:

– Hourly Services

This common pricing model requires you to pay by the hour for an SEO agency’s services or information. This model entails that whatever you have negotiated before any services or information was conducted should be completed, and you can compute the price you are going to pay depending on how many hours were consumed to finish the agreed service. While this model may sound like it’s purely beneficial, you have to know that it also has its drawbacks. Here’s a simple contrast of its effects:

● Benefits
○ Transparency – For this model, you will know the exact time that the company does work because they have to log the time that they started working on your business’ website. Also, the benefit of knowing whatever they do at the agreed timeframe can definitely help you monitor the changes and improvements they made to the site. You will also be able to tell what areas they are working on, which you can use to know if they disregard some areas that you think should be improved or changed.

○ Cost Prediction – As mentioned, you will be paying by the hour. This requirement can be used to your favor, because you will know the exact price that you have to pay. Predicting the cost will definitely help you in budgeting your finances, and how you control the money that comes out for expenditures.

○ Best for On-hands SEO Campaigns – This model would be best if you are the one optimizing your website, and you only need some additional information. You can hire an SEO agency or specialist in the Philippines, to help you ensure that the changes that you are doing to your website are optimal, and in accordance to the guidelines. Hiring them can also help you make sure that your decisions are correct from the very beginning.

● Drawbacks
○ Results Come Slower – The average time for to notice some improvements in search traffic and rankings is 6 months. While having the knowledge in your costs, the long-term expenditures of availing an hourly SEO service has lesser value than the other price models. Also, the money that you have spent for an hourly service could have been used for other beneficial means.

○ You will be having an extra employee – You can regard hiring an SEO specialist in the Philippines by the hour like hiring a new employee. They clock in, they are paid by the hour, and they can only finish the work that could fit in an hour or two. It is still better to have someone that is solely focused on improving your SEO rather than focusing on working for an hour.

– Monthly Payment

For this model, you will pay a lump sum in exchange for a set of services. This is the most common model for SEO companies in the Philippines because this provides the greatest Return on Investment (ROI). The most common services that are included in a monthly pricing model is a detailed analytics report, on-site improvements, link building, keyword research, content management, and web development services. This model also favors long-term partnerships because the months that SEO agencies in the Philippines spend on a client is to prove that they can deliver results, and can be a trusted SEO services provider. Here’s a contrast of its effects:

● Benefits
○ No Need for Constant Monitoring – Choosing monthly services can mean that the agency will be working on the campaign from start to finish. This entails that you do not need to monitor every action that they do because they will to fulfill the agreement when a month is over. This will also allow you to have your desired results in the online landscape while not exerting any effort.

○ Better Relationship – This pricing model is built on mutual trust that you and the SEO agency in the Philippines gives. You will be trusting that they will finish whatever was agreed upon before they started to work on your website; while the SEO agency trusts that you will pay the required amount when they are done with whatever they need to change or improve in your website. This will allow both you and the SEO agency in the Philippines to build a connection that will help you in the long-term in regards to partnerships and services.

○ Best for Most Companies – This price model is for the companies that have a small amount of trust from the agency that they will be hiring, and that the agency has a proven track-record. This is also best if you want to completely outsource your SEO campaign to another company.

● Drawbacks
○ Results Dependent – As mentioned above, SEO takes up an average of six months for the results to show. If the company that you have hired did not produce your expected results, you could end up with a considerable amount of money that was wasted for mediocre results.

○ It’s a Long-term Commitment – Most SEO agencies in the Philippines prefer to have their clients to commit for a period of six months. Hence, if you avail of the six months of service, and the results are not up to your standards, you will be spending a considerable amount of time and money for an agency that cannot give you your wanted results.

– Project Based
This can be considered a contractual relationship, however, the pricing for this model is based on the project that the SEO agency will undertake. For instance, a car repair shop wants the SEO agency or specialist to boost their social media presence, then the SEO agency and the repair shop will talk about the pricing of boosting their social media presence. This is also one of the most popular pricing models for SEO agencies in the Philippines because they make the most out of their efforts. Here’s a contrast of its effects:

● Benefits
○ One Time, Big Time – You will not have to worry about any unexpected costs because you will be paying for the results that you want. This is the best option for you if you need help in only a singular area, or if you are cutting costs, but you need to improve an area of your website.

○ Knowledge with What You Will Be Receiving – Since this is an agreement that is based on whatever the SEO agency in the Philippines needs to do, you will know what changes or improvements to expect when they are done working on a specific field. Also, you will know the estimated timeframe when the project will be done.

○ Best for Task-Specific Companies – This price model is ideal for the companies that want to outsource their SEO needs, but in only specific, particular areas. If you are in need of improvement in certain areas of your website, then a project based price model is the best one for you. You shall be paying an amount that is just right for the changes or improvements you want.

● Drawbacks
○ Ignorance can Lead to Overcharging – While this may be optimal for specific improvements, if you are not knowledgeable in the field of SEO, you might just get unfairly overcharged in prices. This will entail that you will be losing a significant amount of money while having results that you could have obtained at a lower price.

○ No Changes Allowed – In this price model, you will be agreeing upon a set of responsibilities that both you and the SEO agency should fulfill. However, if anything comes up, and you need to have changes in other areas, you cannot change the prior agreement, and you will have to make a new one that will cost you again. Also, if you need the changes to be done faster, you cannot force the SEO agency to finish it at an earlier time because you have a set of due dates that should not be changed.

– Contractual Services at Fixed Rates
This type of model can be located in numerous SEO agencies in the Philippines. They have contracts that are included with a set of services that they will provide you, and the price that you will be paying cannot be changed. The most typical example of this is an SEO website audit contract that will give your site’s performance, the areas that need improvement, and the areas that are doing well. This is much like the monthly based model, however, the main difference that they have is that contractual services only have a set of services that they will provide you; while the monthly based model usually provides the complete set already. The contrast of its effects is basically the same with the monthly based model.

– Pay for Performance
One of the newest pricing models in the market, pay for performance is the most optimal one for small businesses. Why? Because you only get to pay for the results that you get. This means that you will have peace of mind in terms of finances, and the results that you get. While this price model might remove the risk for the customers, it somehow puts all the pressure on the SEO agency to produce the best possible result. Here’s a contrast of its effects:

● Benefits
○ Pay for Results – As mentioned above, the only thing that you will be paying for are the results that the SEO agency provides you with. You do not have to pay for anything else! This is basically the best possible price model that you can avail.

○ Knowing What You Will Get – Whatever you wanted to change or improve is basically what you will get when you hire an SEO agency that has this price model. You do not have to worry about them not being able to do something because the areas that you and the agency both agreed to shall be changed or improved; and that is it. No excuses can be made if they cannot do what was agreed upon.

SEO Average Prices

Hourly Services
The average for hourly services is $100 – $300 per hour. This is applicable for individual SEO specialists and SEO agencies.

Monthly Payment
The average for monthly payment pricing models is between $750 – $5000. The price is actually dependent on the size of the business that avails of their service, and the extent of the service that the company avails. Most businesses pay $2,500 – $5000 because they want to avail of the complete set of services that an SEO agency provides.

Project Based
Since there are a variety of projects and their respective timeframes, there is a wide range of project-based models. It averages from $1,000 to $30,000. It is basically up to you on which projects you want the agency to undertake. So, at the end of the day, the price that you have to pay for is up to your decision.

Contractual Services
The average price for contractual services is: for copywriting it’s $0.15 to $0.50 per word, for site content audit, it’s $500 to $7,500 that depends on the size of your website; and for social media setup, it’s $500 to $3,000 that depends on the efforts that the agency has to make.

Pay for Performance
The information for the rate of pay for performance pricing models are still insufficient, but it is also close to the prices of hourly services and monthly payment models.

Key Takeaway

SEO is something that most websites desperately need, however you still have to be smart when you hire an SEO agency or specialist in the Philippines. The Philippines is a gold mine for SEO because we are both English proficient and internet savvy. Consequently, you will never know if the right SEO agency for you is located here. At any rate, the most important thing to remember is that you have to be knowledgeable in order to get your money’s worth. You will avoid being overcharged, wasting money, and having mediocre results. There are a number of pricing models, which is why we have compiled it for you.

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